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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamins

Reformulated with 1,500 IU of Vitamin D
New easy to swallow tablets
Take 3 times daily, 1 tablet with morning, noon and evening meals

Описание товара

Opti-Men is a sports vitamin and mineral complex by the company Optimum Nutrition (USA). The last few years it has very high ratings and popularity in comparison with similar products.


Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients play very important role in the human body, they actually are the building blocks of the body. They maintain energy balance at the proper level, ensure proper performance and viability of the organism as a whole. Vitamin-mineral complex Opti-Men is made of large and widely known in the sports nutrition market by Optimum Nutrition.

Opti-Men is not only a mixture of vitamins and minerals, but also a complex following essential elements:

Amino-Blend — 8 amino acids in free form, such as BCAA’s, glutamine, arginine, and others who wants to increase lean muscle mass;
Viri-Blend — 8 of marine and vegetable concentrates, needed to stimulate the male principle;
Phyto-Blend — more than 20 fruit and vegetable concentrates, which are the richest in antioxidants that provide the fight against free radicals;
Enzy-Blend — 4 of digestive enzyme to improve gastrointestinal tract.

With the help of Opti-Men from Optimum Nutrition it is no longer necessary to accept a wide variety of capsules and tablets with vitamins and minerals, and other micronutrients in order to make up the daily norm of all necessary nutrients. Opti-Men will solve this problem with just one capsule.


Take 1 tablet during meals 3 times a day.

Side effects

In general, the side effects are rare. Among the most common side effects we can see the disorder of the digestive function and allergic reactions. Many people are worried about changes in urine color to bright yellow after taking Opti-Men. This phenomenon is due to the excess excretion of vitamins of group B. It is water-soluble vitamins, which, even in extremely high doses do not cause hypervitaminosis (overdose). All reports of irreversible organ damage, toxic effects are completely unfounded when properly receive mode.

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