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Tight Xtreme Reloaded (SAN)

Benefits of Tight Xtreme Reloaded (SAN):

  • Enhance of work of the thyroid gland, which will result in the acceleration of metabolism;
  • Use fat (that are burning) as an additional source of energy;
  • Block new fat;
  • Improve brain activity;
  • Suppress appetite;
  • Remove a stable body fat from "problem areas";
  • Increase the energy level required for enhanced training;
  • Permanently save the result;

Composition (per serving):

The patented thermogenic complex (Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, active Forskolin, Evodiamine, Clean guggulsterony E and H, Pomeranets, Bioperine) - 745 mg. Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, FD & C dyes, titanium dioxide.Decoding, based potent plant extracts that are naturally enhance the action of the thyroid gland, which contributes to the acceleration of metabolism and reduce appetite and impart energy. Also amplifies the heartbeat.

Описание товара

Family of fat burners S.A.N. Tight represented by several types:

Originalthe classic formula, a mixture of caffeine and synephrine with yohimbine.
Int capsule with a reduced dosage of stimulants of the nervous system.
Extremewith the addition of phenyl amine election psychotropic substances, uplifting.

Tight Xtreme (SAN)

Tight EXTREME Fat Burner from SAN — is the «gold standard». All components of the drug, were tested for interaction with each other for many years. Therefore the manufacturer gives a guarantee of the highest quality and has no doubt that this fat burner will get beautiful and relief forms within the short period of time.

Tight EXTREME gives to the athlete more energy in daily life and during the training. It also promotes the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream and helps to increase endurance. But the main advantage of the drug — a 100% preservation of muscle mass.

SAN Tight EXTREME contains a combination of powerful components, allowing to quickly get rid from fat. You will feel amazing actions after the first few days of reception!

Feature Tight EXTREME — stimulation of alphanand beta adrenergic receptors, which mimic the action of epinephrine. It mean that the athlete can train as much as it sees fit.

Main active ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract — a mild diuretic and thermogenics. Has an antioxidant effect, it promotes fat burning process as a catalyst in the lipid tissues. Relatively safe;
  • Caffeine Anhydrous — invigorates, accelerating the response of the nervous system, helps to maintain alertness and physical activity, in combination with yohimbine and synephrine increases the thermogenic effect;
  • Vinpocetine — alkaloid of «periwinkle», improves cerebral blood circulation, concentration;
  • Yohimbine and synephrine — thermogenics, affect the adrenergic receptors of fat cells, promote lipolysis.

How to use Tight Xtreme (SAN):

Take a 200-250 ml of water. If you weigh less than 90 kg, take 1 times daily one capsule. If your weight is 90 kilograms or more, take two capsules once a day. Admission on an empty stomach can cause nausea. It is recommended to be taken with food or immediately after meals.

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