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Vitamin E Capsules

Usually, vitamin E supplements (tocopherol) is used in bodybuilding to support the athlete's own hormonal system during intense workouts. This fat-soluble substance enters our body with food, for example, natural vegetable oils, chicken and quail eggs, liver, and green vegetables. However, the required dosage for athletes is quite high, and often to get it from the usual meal is impossible. That’s why there are many pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements.

Vitamin E benefits

Usually, Vitamin E tablets is used in bodybuilding:

  • to provide a synthesis of testosterone, to improve exercise capacity and thus also to allow the muscles to grow in a natural way;
  • to improve the digestibility of vitamin A in the liver, and thus to help the body to recover faster after stress, and to increase muscle volume. It is a bunch of vitamins A and E which are often appointed as the first vitamin preparations for newcomers to the gym, and it helps to prevent the inflammation in the body during the change to an intensive training regime;
  • to rejuvenate the body: to block the action of free radicals that destroy cell membranes, and to delay the aging process;
  • to assist in the assimilation of nutrients - tocopherol is involved in cellular metabolism, allowing the body to receive nutrition and respiration at the cellular level and contributes to the adequate protein synthesis in the body;
  • to help to restore male reproductive function. In bodybuilding vitamin E capsules is widely used in post-cycle therapy, in order to ensure the rise in the level of testosterone.