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Five reasons to take Vitamin D:

FIRST ADVANTAGE : strong bones

When you think about a strong musculoskeletal system, first comes to mind is calcium. Calcium is a major player when it comes to mineral-rich bones.

Vitamin D has the similar role - it is a strong stimulator of calcium accumulation in the bones. Only together they make the bones strong and healthy. Without vitamin D, your body decreases or even ceases to maintain calcium in the bones, bringing back mineral from bone to blood. Over time, this constant output and storage cycle will make the bones weaker.

SECOND ADVANTAGE: better muscle work

Deprived yourself with vitamin D, you can hurt your performance power. In addition, the deficiency of vitamin D is quite common among athletes, which is directly linked to muscle weakness and the risk of muscular atrophy type 2. Skip receiving Vitamin D is the same thing to miss leg workout.

THIRD ADVANTAGE: protection from cardiovascular diseases

The classical function of vitamin D is to improve absorption of calcium to support bone health. But did you know that in this way the vitamin protects your heart? Recently it has been shown that individuals with a deficiency of vitamin D are more at risk. They are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, sudden heart attacks.

Although the exact mechanism is unclear, it is known already that vitamin D capsules normalizes blood pressure, improves elasticity of blood vessels, improves glycemic control.

FOURTH ADVANTAGE: reduce the risk of diabetes type 2

Diabetes type 2 can lead to devastating consequences: damage to the nervous system, heart disease, visual impairment and blindness, kidney failure. Recent studies have shown that intake of vitamin D tablets may play an important role in reducing the risk of diabetes type 2 - especially those who are in the high risk area.

Several observational studies have shown evidence of: improving the work of the cells, increased sensitivity to insulin and anti-inflammatory processes by increasing levels of vitamin D. The risk is reduced by 38% compared to those with low levels of vitamin D.

FIFTH ADVANTAGE: cancer prevention

Is there something that cannot do this vitamin? Researchers believe: a high level of vitamin D in adults significantly reduces the risk of many types of cancer, including breast, prostate, colon cancer and testicular cancer.

Vitamin D Supplements is one of the most powerful defenders of suppressing the growth of cancer cells. It reduces the risk of cancer and due to improved calcium absorption, cell division control and protection from the spread of metastases.