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Vitamin and mineral complexes

Multivitamins are the supplements that supply the body with minerals, vitamins and many other beneficial nutrients. This additive is in the form of capsules, tablets, powder, liquid, paste or even in the form of injections.

Nowadays, multivitamins are created for specific characteristics such as: age, gender, activity of a particular person, and other parameters. For example, for children, for men, for women, for seniors, for athletes. Vitamin complexes are safe to the health, it does not contain any harmful substances, they are good for health contrary, because their goal is to strengthen our immunity.

In bodybuilding, the need for vitamin and mineral complexes is much higher than for ordinary people. Athletes are often stopped during the training, i.e., stagnation begins. It happens even with proper diet and regular workouts, and all because of the lack of minerals and vitamins.

We require in bodybuilding a large amount of food, of course, if our goal is a set of muscle mass and strength. Often our food contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, but even with this power a lack of vitamins and minerals comes for the body. Bodybuilders don’t eat fruit, but they are taking vitamin supplements. And it's kind of right, but I recommend that you take as fruit and supplements. In any case, if you eat a lot of fruit and other nutrients mainly vitamin nature, it will lead to indigestion, i.e. it disrupts your digestion.