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Vitamin B12 Supplements

Cyanocobalamin is the main form of vitamin B12, how it enters the body. It is included in the most vitamin complexes and is available as a solution for injection that has a characteristic pink color.
Biological effects
- It participates in protein metabolism
- It participates in the formation of red blood cells (the shortage arises anemia)
- It is necessary for the synthesis of nerve fibers - myelin (the shortage arises funicular myelosis)
- It is a part of many enzymes
- It participates in the synthesis of creatine

Vitamin B12 Benefits

Cyanocobalamin has many physiological functions, which are useful for bodybuilding:

- Ensure of good operation of the central nervous system
- Metabolism of carbohydrates
- Stimulation of muscles by the nervous activation of trophic processes, as well as high-strength reduction and coordination

Supplementing with vitamin B12 tablets is required for athletes - vegetarians. Many people use injection form.

Recommended dose of B12 Supplements

The average recommended dose for adults is 3 g. In sports, it is desirable to increase the dose by 2-3 times. Vitamin B12 capsules has a very low toxicity, even at very high doses it doesn’t cause complications in healthy people.