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Tribulus Supplements

Tribulus Terrestris is a perennial herb which grows in temperate and tropical climates in Southern Europe,  South Asia,  Africa and northern Australia.

It is sold as a separate supplement,  and as a component of the prohormone supplements broad spectrum. It helps to increase testosterone  levels and muscle mass in bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Today, plant Tribulus terrestris is widely known around the world.

Tribulus terrestris benefits

Using Tribulus increases the production of testosterone and it has a positive effect on the power performance of the athlete and growth muscle mass.

Tribulus stimulates  androgen receptors, which increases libido. In general, the effect of this plant is similar to the action of anabolic steroids.

The use of sports nutrition

Since December 2009 Tribulus has removed from the free sale and received the status of a plant which contains potent substances.

Tribulus is not prohibited means and is not included in the list of doping agents. The problems with doping tests should not arise during the competition.

Food supplements based on tribulus are recommended to take in cycles on average 4 weeks.  After  tribulus' course you need to make break for 2-4 weeks.  You should take 1-3 times a day with meals, the daily dosage should not exceed 1500 mg. The recommended dose of Tribulus  is 750 mg per day.

Side effects

You should not abuse supplements that increase testosterone production, because the body gets used obtain the hormone from the outside, and it suppresses own hormonal function.

You should not take Tribulus if you have heart disease, hypertension and kidney failure, and other diseases caused by hormonal imbalance in the body.

Why you need to use Tribulus Extract?

 1) To stabilize hormones;

 2) To increase the production of testosterone;

 3) To accelerate the anabolic processes;

 4) To increase libido;

  5) To accelerate recovery, regeneration;

  6) To accelerate the healing of wounds and injuries;

  7) To clean the liver