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Best Soy Protein Powder. Soy Protein Isolate, Concentrate

What is Soy protein? It is a sports nutrition product derived from soybeans. Its amino acid composition is not inferior to whey protein. However, soy protein is a plant and it does not contain lactose and cholesterol. Soy protein many associated with vegetarianism. It right because soy protein is not a protein of animal origin therefore is suitable to those who do not eat meat. Soy protein contains special substances called isoflavones. This substances improve the function of cardiovascular system and strengthen immune system. Another useful feature is anti-carcinogenic effect. It prevents cancer cells in the body. Weighty plus soy protein is the presence antioxidants. Antioxidants enhance regenerative properties of the body after exercise. Soy protein help you to get rid of fat much faster. Because Soy protein in origin is plant and this protein is capable to reduce cholesterol level in the body.

Benefits of Soy Protein:

  1. Complete amino acid composition
  2. The anabolic effect
  3. Prevents the absorption of cholesterol and removes it from the body
  4. Promotes fat burning
  5. Prevents the formation of cancer cells
  6. Has a positive effect on the immune and cardiovascular systems
  7. Should be 20% cheaper than other types of protein

Soy Protein Side Effects:

  1. It strongly loads the digestive system

Pure soy protein has only one side effect but the list of soy protein benefits is huge. It's making this supplement deserving of respect. The problem of overloading the digestive system can easily decide. Sufficiently to take not pure soy protein and its mixture with other proteins such as serum.