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A protein shake is a hood water-soluble proteins from whey, white-egg or vegetable foods rich in proteins, for example - soy.

Also, in the protein drinks there are sometimes multivitamin complexes and mineral supplements to compensate for the loss of sodium and potassium salts in sweat.

The main advantage of protein cocktails is that they can be used during training and before it. Most of the products contain a lot of protein, such as meat, beans, cheese, etc. are rather "heavy" for the stomach. They are categorically not recommended to use before training.

When are protein shakes necessary?

In cases when the training lasts more than three hours a protein shake with sweet juice becomes almost the only way to provide the body with a balanced diet, without interrupting your workout. It helps to reduce fatigue and to shorten recovery periods needed after each workout.

Also, protein shakes are very useful in complex backpackings when during a few days it is no possibility to use a full meal.

Do protein drinks help to build muscle mass during exercise?

Fans of protein shakes are sure: to occur growth of muscle mass, a large amount of protein should be ingested directly during training.

In a word, directly during the exercise muscle cannot increase, on the contrary, at this time they reduce the weight!

The most intense muscle growth occurs during the rehabilitation period. During this period you must increase to ensure entry into the body of the protein.

Professional athletes can need for additional protein source during the period of particularly intense training - before the competition.