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Egg protein

Eggs for decades are subjected to unfair criticism, whereas in fact it is one of the healthiest foods in general. But what is the egg protein useful in bodybuilding?

Eggs are considered one of the main products in bodybuilding - they are absolutely useful for all those who need high-quality protein, including a set of muscles, but not only. Egg protein is indicated for people intolerant to soy and dairy products. Generally, egg white protein can be a great help for any problems related to fitness.

Powder egg protein for athletes

Egg Protein powder stimulates muscle growth by accelerating protein synthesis in the muscles. This is due to the high concentration of the amino acid leucine (about 9%). Leucine is one of the main amino acids which are responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis after eating. The only source of protein, in which there are more leucine than in eggs is a serum. Further, egg protein has a higher anabolism than soy and whey even. It increases lean muscle mass greater than both of these protein sources.

The body metabolizes egg protein with the same speed as the whey which in itself is very fast. After consumption the amino acids rapidly increase in the plasma. The muscle cells are sensitive to changes in the amino acid level, thus a rapid increase causes its strong anabolic reaction.