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Blend protein is a blend of different types of protein. It provides a peak concentration of amino acids after ingestion and slowly digestible proteins provide long muscle power.

Blend Protein Consists of:

  1. Caseine protein is a milk protein. Casein contains special substance of the adhesive character. This substance enters the stomach, partially restricts actions gastric acid. Therefore Casein is cleaved slowlier.
  2. Whey protein is a concentrated mixture of globular proteins obtained from whey. Serum is a liquid composition and byproduct in the production of cheese.
    Today, Whey protein is the best protein for muscle growth and fat burning.
  3. Egg protein stimulates muscle growth by accelerating protein synthesis in the muscles. This is due to the high concentration of the amino acid leucine (about 9%). Leucine is one of the main amino acids which are responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis after eating.
  4. Soy protein is a sports nutrition product derived from soybeans. Soy protein is a plant and it does not contain lactose and cholesterol. Soy protein many associated with vegetarianism. It right because Soy protein is not a protein of animal origin therefore is suitable to those who do not eat meat.

Blend protein is recommended as in increase muscle mass , and in decrease weight.

How to Use Blend Protein?

To increase of muscle mass:

The ideal time of ingestion of the blend protein is before bedtime, It will ensure muscles of amino acids in throughout the night.
Also you can use Blend protein instead of whey for 2 hours to workout for replenish amino acid pool. After workout is better to take a quick protein.
In addition, you can take a Blend protein before long periods without food. If you know that you cannot eat in the next few hours, necessarily need to drink a serving (30g) protein complex.

To lose weight:

Receive Mode is roughly the same as during to increase weight: before going to bed, and before long periods without food. In addition, complex protein can replace 1.2 portion meal. Portions for weight loss should be in the half less - about 15 g or 1.2 standard portion.