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Best beef protein

Meat protein is a protein sports supplement on the basis of beef protein, resulting with ultra-concentration method, while removed most of the fat and cholesterol. Beef protein powder is the best source of protein for athletes on the bioavailability of amino acid composition and absorption rate, which is comparable to whey isolate. Additionally, best beef protein is enriched with natural creatine, which is found in meat. It does not contain lactose and gluten.

Beef protein benefits

Only the animal  protein (including meat) can provide us with all the essential amino acids, which will be fully assimilated. About the function of the beef protein and its classification, we can state that the above statements about the indispensability of animal protein in the human diet, contributed to the creation of a separate kind of protein supplements.

Moreover, with respect to additives, it is a natural creatine, which is found in the meat. Here is a list of characteristics of this type of protein:

The high bioavailability;
Complete amino acid composition;
The presence of creatine natural origin;
The absence of lactose and other carbohydrates;
The high rate of assimilation;
Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance for a long time. On this basis Beef protein has a certain resemblance to the casein protein.