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Best Post-Workout Meal & Drinks

Everyone knows about the "40 minutes" after you end your workout, and you feel hungry enough to eat all that you see on your way.. But let's look at what you need to eat, what you must to eat.

Many people say a lot of about the notorious "window after a workout". If your Training wasn't strong, you took a low weight, your body has enough resources that used to recover and mitigate the effects of training. But if your training has been strong and your body has experienced stress purse, and you need to rejuvenate and nourish myshchtsy protein.

Otherwise, everything will go down the drain. The way out of this situation - EAT.

Time to eat post-workout nutrition!

After training, opens 40 minute "carbohydrate window". In fact, that after the exercise performed is opened so-called forty (40) minute window when the intake of protein affects very favorably. Thus, increasing muscle growth. After your workout, you’ll need to replenish your depleted energy stores and add protein to repair muscles, restore energy and regeneration, especially if you worked them with high weights. After workout your body needs fuel - and when it gets what it needs, it can do incredible things: better endurance, weight is heavier, more strength.

Eating quality food post-workout is decisive. Whether your goal is to build strength, lift heavy weights, or to increase muscle mass, be more productive, or just to maintain the physical shape of the body - after the workout foods you eat can play a big role.

So, when your training is over, wait 15-30 minutes and drink a good portion of protein (you can drink it with sour cream). Better bring it in finished form in a shaker.

Post-workout food ingestion

Starting the "muscle building process" by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention requires a quick dose of the quality protein and carbohydrates. But we can’t (and shouldn’t) always rely on usual foods like chicken and potatoes!

We are a big fans of Proteine as a main component of the meal: High quality whey protein powder + Sweet potato + Chicken breast (for example).

After training, you will need to replenish energy reserves deplete and add a lot of protein to rebuild muscle, especially if you worked them with heavy weights.