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What are Protein Bars ?

Protein Bars are very delicious, convenient and useful sports nutrition product , which helps to maintain the required level of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and microelements at during the day.

In order to achieve significant results in increase muscle mass, meals should be balanced throughout the day. In modern life fully eat is impossible but we should maintain supply the necessary substances in the body. Protein Bars can help us with this problem. They do not take up much place, their easy to carry and do not require much time for eating.

How to choose the right protein bar?

There are very large range diverse bars. You can buy sports bars for every taste: fruity, vanilla, nut, yogurt, etc. Bars with different tastes can combine with each other. However, do not forget observe the dosage.

You can choose bars that contains 2-3 times more carbohydrates than protein, to quickly replenish energy.

Better to choose bars which contain whey protein, soy protein or casein, not hydrolyzed gelatin (which made from cows and horses' hooves).

Avoid bars which have major components of corn syrup, sugar syrup, glucose or sweeteners.

Check that the bar contain less than 5 grams fat per 200 calories and do not has in composition palm oil or hydrogenated fat.

The main types of bars:

Plant. Use for weight loss.

Low calorie with L-carnitine. Also suitable for those who want to lose weight.

High-protein. For dry weight upon drying. Sometimes this type of bars uses on low carbohydrate diet for loss weight.

High carbohydrate. For increase mass. Typically, 100 grams contains not less than 400 calories. A ratio of protein to carbohydrate is 1 to 3 sometimes to 4. Therefore the carbohydrates are no less 50 grams.