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Nutrition bars

Nutrition bars are very convenient method to take balanced source of protein, when you need a snack.
Nutrition bars are supplemental bars which consist of different cereals and high energy foods targeted at people who need quick energy but do not have time for a meal. Best nutrition bars do not contain caffeine, they provide food energy.

Types of Nutrition bars:

Activity Bars: to give energy
Meal Replacement Bars: to replace meal (dieting and weight loss)
Protein Bars: to increase muscle mass
Endurance Bars: to increase endurance

There are three main sources energy in food : fat, protein, and carbohydrat. Energy Bars are essentially concentrated sources of carbohydrates. These basic ingredients include maltodextrin (carbohydrate derived from corn starch), corn syrup, sugar (e.g., fructose, glucose, sucrose), and sometimes cereals or dried fruit (e.g., rice flour, oat flakes). Most best nutrition bars contain approximately 200 calories and 50 grams of carbohydrates and a little amount of protein or fat. Also, some businesses are added to their nutrition bars vitamins, minerals, caffeine, glutamine, taurine or chromium.
Protein bars are food bars which consist of high proportion of protein. Protein bars are mainly used by athletes or exercise enthusiasts for muscle building.


Best nutrition bars are used as energy source during training and athletic events.
The range of this product is very different. You can buy protein bars with different tastes. There are fruit, vanilla, nuts and many other. But Nutrition bars, as well as other synthetic products, can not replace the natural food.