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What is the meal replacement?

Meal replacement is a powder nutrient mixture (prepared beverages, energy bars and gels) used by athletes to optimize calorie intake and, consequently, a set / reset mass.

In the market of sports nutrition, these products occupy about 20-30%. Very often, food substitutes additionally contain vitamins and minerals. They differ among themselves on the content of carbohydrates, proteins and fat and are an excellent alternative to fast food. Furthermore, these products can contain nutritional supplements to increase power performance of the athlete.

Using meal replacement allows body to provide for carbohydrates, fats and proteins, both before and after exercise, and during the period when receiving large amounts of undesirable food. It is also important to note that, despite its name, meal replacements are acceptable to use like supplement the diet, and not as a substitute for natural food.

How to use a meal replacement

But as sports supplements to the diet meal replacements proved themselves very well. For example, they are absolutely harmless, but at the same time are effective to achieve sports results if you use them once a day as a meal. For example, menu is effective such as: for breakfast and lunch, for example - a traditional salad or tea and a bun for lunch - a full meal from a substitute, dinner - fruit, and between - again substitute.

Moreover, many meal replacements allow their use by diluting the milk or juice. This application will allow both women and men to maintain the balance of natural ingredients in the diet and not only to achieve the benefits of a balanced diet, but the effect in the training.

The best way to take meal replacement shakes and powder for the weight loss

  • Take 1-2 servings of meal replacement per day while dieting for weight loss;
  • One portion of the product contain about 200 calories;
  • The best time to take meal replacement is morning (immediately after waking up) and evening (before bedtime);
  • Meal replacements can be consumed for long periods of time without taking breaks.