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Micronized Creatine

Creatine micronized is one of the most available kinds of creatine supplement. Micronized creatine doesn’t contain any additives or impurities. Creatine micronized powder is used by sportsmen to improve physical performance and enhance endurance in trainings. The higher quality of training in its turn leads to faster increase of muscle mass. This is an effective way to rid the body of creatine deficiency at lasting and intensive weigh loads.

100% monohydrate creatine

The main distinctive feature of this creatine supplement is 180 microns of creatine. It contains 100% monohydrate creatine. It is made of very fine creatine particles, so that assures high dispersion and as a result high assimilation in the organism. Best micronized creatine is best dissolved in water or in fruit juice. Only the most advanced technologies are used in its manufacture, it is a guarantee of full correspondence to international quality standards. All this makes this product one of the best creatine.