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Name: Weider Global Nutrition

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, United State

Founded: 1936

Founders: Ben and Joe Weider

Products: sports nutrition and supplements for athletes

Weider company has operated in the market of sports nutrition for several decades. Joe Weider is a founder of the American brand Weider. He is deservedly considered one of the most renowned experts in fitness training.

Over the years, the company was able to win the recognition of large number of athletes from amateur to professional. The revolutionary production methods, new technologies, and a high level of competence of employees, Weider made it possible to produce high quality sports supplements that are sold successfully throughout the world.

Professional athletes consume Sports Nutrition Weider. More than 25 world-renowned scientists are working in the company, and are constantly improving the products and the production process. The Production process is constantly monitored by health authorities of the United States.

The ingredients, which are listed on the product’s package, are completely true, and this is confirmed by independent studies, which are made by enthusiasts. All products Weider are completely balanced and are able to satisfy all the needs of the athlete. Supplements are available in several forms: tablets, powder, capsules, ready to cocktails, they can choose the best option for themselves. Sports Nutrition by Weider has excellent taste, and their use is fun.