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Fat burners stimulate fast metabolism, suppress appetite and reduce the absorption of unwanted substances, such as excess fluid. They also block the synthesis of adipose tissue. Fat burners stimulate the cleavage of fat cells, which leads to a reduction in weight and improved muscle relief. They also reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats from the gastrointestinal tract. They also convert fat molecules into the free energy fuel that is consumed quickly by the body.

FAT Burner from Universal Nutrition is a lipotropic fat burner on the basis of L-carnitine, inositol and plant extracts (Urva Ursi). The mechanism of lipotropic fat burners action is based on ability to enhance the breakdown of fat cells, transforming them into free energy. Supplements of this type have a beneficial effect on the liver and also normalize insulin levels. They contain betaine, chromium picolinate and other biologically active components. It is effective in the fight against excess weight. The product is suitable both for women and men. FAT Burner Universal Nutrition accelerates metabolism, suppresses appetite, normalizes work of heart and gastrointestinal tract, and improves energy tone of body and mental concentration.  It also effectively stimulates weight loss and reduces cellulite in problem areas.

The basis of FAT Burners Universal Nutrition is L-carnitine, choline and other components that regulate cell metabolism. L-carnitine takes part in the processes of transportation of unsaturated fatty acids into the cells. The higher is the concentration of L-carnitine in blood and soft tissues, the more intense are the processes of fat digestion. Choline optimizes lipid metabolism and effectively combats obesity of 1 and 2 degrees. Inositol optimizes metabolic processes, normalizes brain function. Inositol is an ateroprotector and antidepressant.

Chromium picolinate normalizes the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Regulates cholesterol, protects the muscle fibers from damage. Betaine restores the water-salt balance and accelerates fat splitting processes.