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Name: Scitec Nutrition

Headquarters: America (the production of which takes place at plants in Hungary)

Products: sport nutrition and supplement

The Scitec Nutrition corporation uses only high-quality and proven components for the production of sports nutrition. With more than 120 million servings sold protein Scitec Nutrition is one of the most successful suppliers of sports nutrition and dietary supplements in Europe and in world!

All necessary materials for this purpose are purchased in Japan, Germany and the United States. It is very important that each ingredient, which is part of Scitec Nutrition supplements also have quality certificates. It is checked at the time of purchase of raw materials, at all stages of production, delivery to retail stores.

Scitec Nutrition Protein guaranteed by lab tests and meet the requirements for purity and potency in all respects. This is confirmed by certificates EUROCERT ISO 22000: 2005 Management of food safety, ISO 9001 quality management standard, HACCP for food safety and food GMP products. So, Scitec Nutrition - rather a quality company with a good sports nutrition without weaknesses!