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Nutrex Research was founded in 2002. This American company is one of the best on the market of sports nutrition. Creation of the most advanced sports nutrition has always been the focus and direction of the company. Nutrex Sports Nutrition has received prize “The best fat burner of the year” for 5 years already for its products Lipo-6 and Lipo-6X.

Nutrex Company is also known to be the first to let liquid capsules. It invested time and resources to create a completely new liquid multiphase capsules, which is essentially a two-capsule technology in one.

Nutrex is producing such categories of sports nutrition as amino acids, BCAA, creatine, fat burners and protein. Among the most popular are Nutrex Amino Charger, Nutrex BCAA Drive Black, Nutrex Creatine Drive Black, fat burner Lipo-6 X and protein Muscle Infusion. The company plans to continue producing even more advanced products. Innovative products by Nutrex receive positive reviews from bodybuilders.  They note, that company avoids to use out-of-dated plant extracts and makes pharmaceutics primary.