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MuscleTech is an American company introduced in 1995. It is characterized by continued commitment to science and research, which allowed them to become the best-selling brand of sports nutrition. Today MuscleTech brand is synonymous to high-quality top-end products, which have been produced for more than 10 years.

The company MuscleTech has many patents for its discoveries in the field of sports nutrition products. More than 30 US patents and 50 international patents give confidence in the quality of  MuscleTech products.

Many professional athletes and bodybuilders join MuscleTech team to get the most modern and advanced scientific formula developed.

MuscleTech has five unique developed series of sports nutrition.

Performance Series includes pre-workout Nano Vapor, post-workout complex Cell-Tech and whey protein isolate Nitro-Tech.

Concentrated series is famous for its pre-workout NeuroCore and post-workout CreaCore.

100% Ultra-Premium Series offers such products as Vitamin Pack, Isolate, Glutamine, Creatine, CLA, Carnitine liquid, BCAA, Amino 7000, and Amino liquid.

100% Premium Series is a line which includes six products: Ultra-Pure Whey Isolate Plus, Premium Whey Protein Plus, Premium Pre-Workout Amplifier, Premium Creatine Plus, Premium Testosterone Booster and Premium Mass Gainer.

Essential Series includes17 high-quality products. Among them there are supplements containing the Omega-3 and the Omega-6, as well as enhanced vitamin and mineral complex and BCAA amino acids with a new high-performance formula.