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Name: MHP - Maximum Human Performance

Country: USA

Founded: 1996

Founder: Gerard Dente

Products: Sports nutrition and supplements for athletes

Sports Nutrition MHP inspired by passion and creates champions! The founder of this company is a sportsman Gerard Dent. Knowing the subtleties and secrets of bodybuilding, he understood that human potential is not fully understood. Passion for the sport and the desire to conquer new peaks leaded to the creation of the company.

Maximum Human Performance (MHP) has dedicated himself to provide you the most effective, high-quality sports nutrition. Products MHP tested on a large number of athletes. Products «MHP» stood on the shelves of Victor Martinez and Phil Pfister, Derek Poundstone and Ryan Kelly. These names are known to all bodybuilders in the world.

If you want the best results from your workouts, sports nutrition from the MHP will help you achieve these results. Positive feedback from customers is stimulus company to continue to produce the best products , because satisfied customers is the mission of the company!