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Inner Armour is a company that manufactures sports nutrition supplements. It is located in the United States. Main direction of the company is considered to be the production and distribution of of high-quality sports nutrition around the world.

Inner Armour is known for its innovative and effective products of sports nutrition. Their sports supplements improve speed, increase strength and build muscles. All sports nutrition products are formulated with the help of the most effective clinical studies; the ingredients do not contain any banned substances and are completely safe. Team of Inner Armour includes leading professionals: researchers, product developers, trainers and nutritionists, it has been established to ensure the highest standard of quality and the creation of the most powerful nutritional supplements.

Among the most popular products of the company is weight gainer Inner Armour Hard Mass Gainer. Also you will find amino acid and BCAA complexes, for example Amino Blitz Peak Energy, creatine supplements, and proteins , for example 100 % Whey Protein Isolate.