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Name: GNC – General Nutrition Centre

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Founded: 1935

Founder: David Shakarian

Products: Vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, diet, energy products and other.

Store: 6000 and more than 1000 in 49 other countries.

General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) is an American company, which has long been among the world's leading manufacturers of health food products. The company became famous thanks to the sale of food supplements, vitamins, herbal extracts and dietary products. Today, the company is so popular that buying sports nutrition in GNC can be in every specialized shop. General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) has a very big network of stores around the world. In the US, there are about 6,000 and more than 1,000 in 49 other countries.

GNC independently establishes quality standards for the nutritional industry and follows them. The corporation has its own research laboratory, where it carries out the research and development of new products. Multivitamin and multi-mineral complexes that GNC created were repeatedly recognized as the best in the US and Canada. GNC is very rigorous in the selection of raw materials, production process, and packaging. That is why everyone who cares about their health, needs to buy professional sports nutrition at GNC.