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Creatine is a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid, which is involved in energy metabolism in muscle and nerve cells. It is one of the best examples of ergogenic group of sports nutrition components. In the world of bodybuilding creatine is widely used as a sports supplement to increase strength, muscle mass and short-term anaerobic endurance with proven safety. Creatine improves relief of muscles, increases strength, and may increase the secretion of endogenous anabolic hormones in response to training loads.

Creatine also acts as a buffer for lactic acid. It slows the formation of lactic acid and reduces its effect on the muscles, as well as promotes a more rapid cleavage and its removal from the organism. Intake of this sports supplement allows increasing secretion of anabolic hormones, growth hormone and testosterone. Creatine monohydrate is the most effective form of creatine, because it is connected with water. Water enhances effect of this supplement.

FitMax Crea Force - is a high-grade substance tricreatine malate. Creatine Malate - is an advanced form of creatine (combination of creatine and malic acid), which enhances the absorption of creatine and offers greater ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production than traditional creatine monohydrate. Main features of FitMax Crea Force are: high level of absorption; increase of power; increased production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate); muscle mass gain. One of the advantages is absence of water retention and other side effects.

Intake of Crea Force provides the real results - faster recovery and enhanced endurance. The product is ideal for adults who have active way of life - especially for athletes – it helps them to develop power, weight and speed.