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Dymatize Nutrition is the world's leading manufacturer of sports nutrition.  This American company is based on quality and uses environmentally friendly raw materials. Proteins are among its most effective and popular products. Carefully selected composition of Dymatize Nutrition proteins improves digestibility of protein by the body, strengthens the immune system and stamina of the whole organism.

If your goal is to build lean muscles, Dymatize Protein will be your indispensable assistant. This sports supplement contains the entire spectrum of amino acids (both essential and non-essential), which are so important for your muscles. Taking a high-quality protein from Dymatize, you can be sure that your body gets the right amount of protein, which is a building material for muscles.

Dimatize company produces a unique Protein - Elite XT. In order to achieve the most effective and long-acting protein the supplement was enriched with Nutrateric® system. This delivery system provides protein to muscles for a prolonged period of time. In addition, Elite XT contains Zytrix – matrix with formula that stimulates absorption processes. This supplement is ideal for feeding and recovery of muscles after intensive workout. This top protein blend supplement is an excellent source of nutrients; it restores and raises muscle tissue damaged during exercise. What is more, it guarantees good gain of lean muscle mass, improves power quality indicators and enhances recovery processes. Nutrateric revolutionary system helps to increase the length of the release period of proteins. Matrix of food enzymes called Zytrix affects more effective absorption of the protein and other nutrients, and the complex of lipids favourably influences anabolic environment and maintaining it in body for a longer time.