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Dymatize Amino Pro BCAA helps you to improve recovery and increase muscle mass significantly. Amino Pro from Dymatize provides improved hydration and supplies you with essential amino acids to support endurance during trainings or competitions. Taking these amino acids you replenish stocks of essential nutrients that are consumed in the process of training and thereby accelerate the recovery of muscle tissue after exercise. This BCAA supplement prevents muscle decay after hard training. 2.5 g of BCAA in combination with 2 g of L-taurian and 1 g L-citrulline significantly improve your energy and stamina. You also get 212 mg of electrolytes for hydration. Dymatize Amino Pro is best used during training. This can help in the synthesis of protein to prevent muscle breakdown and improve recovery. For experienced athletes, it can help to build lean muscle mass. 

Super Amino 6000 is the amino acid matrix of sustained release. Super Amino daily portion provides the body with six 6,000 grams of high protein and amino acids, which enter the bloodstream gradually and continuously. Main components are high-quality protein and amino acid complex, glutamine and arginine. Primarily "fast" proteins - isolate and whey protein concentrate are absorbed, and "building blocks" of the amino acids rapidly spread to the bloodstream. Then comes turn of slow and very slow fractions – ordinary casein and casein with sustained release, made by proprietary technology Nutrateric. The continuous influx of amino acid fuel is the necessary condition for the achievement of significant progress in matters of increased muscle growth and power metrics. Stable and continuous influx of amino acids helps to build and maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which is essential for the development of muscle tissue. It does not contain soy protein and gelatin.