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Company Dymatize Nutrition, founded in 1994, is now one of the world-renowned leaders among manufacturers of high quality nutritional supplements. This is proved by the millions of athletes around the world. The main objective of the company is to achieve the best price / quality ratio. Dymatize only uses high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers, and manufacturing process and sales process is established in such a way to get the best price result.

The company has its own manufacture and its own research center and laboratory, where the creation of new formulas and flavors are made. It is certified with GMP and FDA - the most serious and strict government standards of quality in the food industry.

Dymatize has about 160 kinds of products, and actively helps athletes and everyone who wants to keep fit, improve one’s body and train muscles. Among its products you will find amino acids, proteins, stimulators of muscle growth, fat burners and gainers, vitamins, supplements for the joints and ligaments. Among the most popular products there are Elite XT, Fusion 7, Super Mass Gainer, Acetyl l -Carnitine. Dymatize Nutrition sports nutrition is popular in more than 40 countries around the world.