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BCAA or branch-chained amino acids include leucine, isoleucine and valine. All three amino acids are essential for people and must be ingested with food. During muscular work BCAA can function as a source of energy. They also regulate process of protein synthesis, cell metabolism and insulin secretion. Bodybuilders claim, that BCAA help to increase endurance and speed up muscle recovery. The body does not need to spend energy on their assimilation, which is much faster than when using conventional protein. About 35 percent of the muscle tissue is composed of amino acids BCAA. Up to 25 % of the energy is released during trainings from BCAA. If you take BCAA immediately before training, muscle endurance will increase and you will feel less fatigue. If you take amino acids immediately after exercise, they will start to decrease cortisol levels and the stock of other amino acids in the muscles will increase.  

Among the products of BSN bodybuilders will find several extremely useful items. One of them is Amino X. Amino X is an amino acid supplement from BSN, which has effective technology Instantized. Due to this technology BCAA amino acids, in addition to effective recovery, stimulate increased endurance, which ensures the higher efficiency of training. The amino acid complex has such anabolic mixture of amino acids: L-leucine (micronized), L-valine (micronized), L-isoleucine (micronized), L-alanine, taurine (micronized), L-citrulline (micronized). This supplement is enriched by Vitamin D and Sodium. One of the bonuses of Amino X is that this supplement can be quickly dissolved and has a good taste. Amino X stimulates anabolic reactions, increases protein synthesis, and slows down catabolism, which contributes to a better, proper recovery after exercise. It can be used at any time of day or night, as it contains no caffeine.