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Amino acids are an integral part of the protein, the important element for muscle building. If one amino acid is missing, the process of cell structure will be damaged as well as process of muscle growth. Amino acids can be essential and non-essential. Our body does not synthesize essential amino acids and so we need to take them in additionally. Interchangeable (non-essential) amino acids are synthesized by the body itself. Using amino acids as a supplement, you accelerate muscle growth process. In bodybuilding amino acids play an important role, when an athlete uses the amino acids, the body no longer needs to waste energy on cleavage of the protein and muscle growth becomes faster.

Amino X Edge is an amino acid supplement by BSN with powerful formula and long-lasting effects. Its advantages are improved recovery and enhanced muscular endurance. This sports supplement offers 10 g of amino acids and 125 mg of caffeine per serving. Additional bonus is existence of Euphoria Longana and Lindera Aggregata, which have been used for enhancing of sports efficiency for a long time. One of the advantages is absence of sugar. Amino X Edge provides you with more energy and concentration for training, which allows you to train longer and harder. The product also contains vitamin D, which is good for your health. 

Glutamine DNA produced by BSN is amino acid, which has a major role in the body recovery and is one of the most important in sports nutrition. Glutamine increases the volume of cells, which are eventually filled with more protein and carbohydrates, which not only prevents muscle catabolism, but also promote further muscle growth. In addition, it supplies power not only to muscles but also to the immune system, allowing the body to defeat viruses and other harmful micro-organisms, as well as recover quickly after illnesses.