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Name: BioTech

Headquarters: Aberdeen, Maryland state , United States

Founded: 1999

Products: Sport nutrition, Vitamins, supplements and etc.

Stores: BioTech USA products are successfully sold in more than 50 countries around the world. In Europe opened more than 100 branded hypermarkets BioTech products.

BioTech USA - more than 20 years of excellent quality! In the world of bodybuilding and sports nutrition it is hard to find a person, who has not heard about the brand BioTech USA. A huge number of various supplements, good pricing, and excellent quality - all this allows BioTech to hold a lead position the sports products market.

The main purpose of BioTech USA - is the satisfaction of every customer. That is why every year on the market there are more products from this manufacturer. In order to expand the range, they created several product lines: BRUTAL Nutrition (nutrition for high-class athletes), PINK FIT (special series of products for women). Therefore, we can safely say that in the future, the company BioTech USA will continue to delight us with new and, most importantly, quality sports nutrition products.