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AсtivLab Group was founded over 20 years ago on the territory of the Republic of Poland. Initially, isotonic beverages, vitamin complexes, and other functional supplements were produced under the company's brand. Currently ActivLab range of sports nutrition has over 50 names, among which are the traditional dietary supplements (Protein, Creatine), and specific foods to increase testosterone, enhance mental concentration and so forth.

Sports Nutrition AсtivLab helps athletes and active people who want to improve their fitness, health and beauty. Over the past decades, AсtivLab holds the leading position in the European market. It is known for rigid manufacturing standards, relevant to ISO, BRC and IFS, the use of high-quality European raw materials and advanced scientific technologies.

An innovative product development takes place in three professional laboratories. Most sports nutrition products are made from natural ingredients. The company involves leading specialists in the field of pharmaceutical product development. One of the advantages is also flexible pricing policy in relation to retail and wholesale customers.