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Myths About Sports Nutrition

Myths About Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the most important factor in building a beautiful body and in achieving high results in bodybuilding. Modern supplements are varied, easy to use, and any products can not replace them the full. Currently, sports nutrition industry is highly developed. But many people are suspicious of special supplement. Thus, we consider the main misconceptions about sports nutrition.

Myth 1: Sports Nutrition is a Chemistry

This is not true. These supplements are concentrated product healthy diet, but only processed and cleaned of unnecessary: carbohydrate mixtures have minimum amount of fats and proteins; protein have minimum amount of carbohydrates and fats; hybrids have that and that. All these supplements are adapted for different purposes. In sports nutrition add variety of vitamins and minerals.

Myth 2: Sport Nutrition is Harmful to the Human Digestive System

Sports nutrition contains all the same as that conventional products, but only at a such concentration which is necessary for achieving any result.

You should understand that sports nutrition is only part of the normal diet, a supplement to it, which should not completely replace conventional meal. If you will use sports supplement correctly, you will not have problems with the digestive system.

Myth 3: Why Should I Use Sports Supplements, if I Can Afford to Eat Fresh Food

When you use the conventional products our body gets a large number of different elements. For example, when we eat some fruit or berries, the body receives a large amount of fructose in addition to vitamins. Fructose is a fast carbohydrate which adversely affects your figure.

Why does person need extra carbohydrates if he watches her figure? The supplements give us only what we need. Your body needs certain amount of protein for recovery of muscle fibers. Athlete does not obtain the required amounts of protein in usual food without supplements. If you want to eat only usual food you should understand that carbohydrates and fats will permeate together with the food.

The daily rate of protein for athletes is 2-2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you weigh 100 kilograms, you need to get 200-250 grams of pure protein per day. You may get these proteins from 20-25 eggs or 1.5-2 kg of cottage cheese.

Some people will say that they are ready to eat it, but believe me after a week you will be sick at sight of these products. You can avoid these torments with help sports nutrition

Myth 4: If I Drink a Protein I Will Gain Overweight

You will not gain overweight. It can happen only in case of excessive consumption of supplements which contain carbohydrates (Creatine, etc.). Such supplements are used for fast gain weight.

Protein is a building material for muscle building. Muscle fibers are torn during workout. They need certain amount of protein for recovery. If your body has large amount of protein, don’t worry, protein come out in the urine.  So do not worry, from the protein you will not have overweight.

Myth 5: Workout With Supplement is Harmful to Health

It is not true. Quite the contrary.  If you have heavy physical load, you need to take supplements: vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins.

Nutritional supplements help the body to recover adequately. They heal him after the training. So workout with taking nutritional supplements is useful.

Motivation and Clear Timetable

All people have different potential but all can make yourself beautiful figure. It is necessary to have a clear system: daily regime, proper training program and food.

Good Luck !

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