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Best Soy Protein

best soy protein shakes

What is Soy Protein?

Vegetable protein or (vegetarian protein) differs in structure from an animal protein, vegetable protein contains more amino acids than the animal. But the human body can not absorb all the amino acids are mainly absorbed by only 22 amino acids, which is sufficient in plant proteins. Also, almost no vegetable protein essential amino acids and they must come from outside.

Benefits of Soy Protein

  • The minimum content of the «bad» cholesterol;
  • Together with the protein enters the body tissue and pectin;
  • Vegetable protein prevents cardiovascular disease;
  • Vegetarians, basically, have problems with being overweight;
  • Soy protein improves thyroid health;
  • The low price of the product;
  • Slow digestion speed.

It should be noted immediately that the positive qualities have only soy protein isolates. Manufacturers of high-quality soy protein isolates are removed or substantially reduce the activity of antinutrients (anti-nutritional substances) during the processing of raw materials. Furthermore, the addition of methionine to the soy isolates greatly enhances their biological and nutritional value. However, BC whole egg or whey protein quality is still higher. Several studies indicate that soy protein isolate affects the production of thyroid hormones in humans. However, this may not be a big advantage for bodybuilders, as changes in the level of these hormones are negligible. Soy protein has some antioxidant properties.


Although gluten proteins inferior animals, but they have some properties which are completely lacking in animal proteins. Therefore Biceps Shop decided to create a subjective rating — the best soy protein (which we bring to your attention the isolates and concentrates) that will help you choose the best soy protein for yourself!

Top 10 Soy Protein


  • Fast, but at the same time, prolonged absorption of proteins;
  • It causes moderate insulin spike, which helps the absorption;
  • Regular use helps cover the protein requirements;
  • It increases the level of free amino acids in the blood;
  • It maintains a positive nitrogen balance;
  • It accelerates the recovery process;
  • Permanently removes muscle catabolism.

top soy protein powders

Probolic-SR literally set a new standard of quality protein supplements, their biological value, anabolic, and anti-catabolic properties. This advanced design, manufactured using a patented technology that allows overcoming the natural barriers to the retention of nitrogen levels and muscle growth.

Probolic-SR is the first and only protein, designed to deliver a sufficient amount of nitrogen on a regular basis, creating a favorable environment for the anabolic and anti-catabolic processes that accelerate muscle growth. Protein is a vital element in building muscle tissue, but muscle growth should occur only when you save a greater level of nitrogen (from protein) than your body takes it in the process of urination. This anabolic state referred to as «positive nitrogen balance». In contrast, when there is an insufficient supply of nitrogen your body goes into a catabolic state or «negative nitrogen balance», accompanied by a loss of muscle mass.


  • High degree of purification: Advanced Soy Protein (Universal Nutrition) consists of soy protein, there is nothing superfluous;
  • Many sports proteins are cleaned with chemical compounds, but in this case, the manufacturer has used clean water, so was able to keep all the valuable qualities of the product;
  • In particular, the powder contains a full spectrum of essential amino acids, including any known athlete BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, and valine);
  • Moreover, in the initial raw material stored isoflavones, which not only promote muscle nutrition but also improve health.

best soy protein

The manufacturer Universal Nutrition has given Advanced Soy Protein excellent taste, doesn’t use thus any synthetic compounds, especially those which may have a negative impact on the body of the athlete. Exclusively natural components of excellent quality.

Advanced Soy Pro is well absorbed by the body and allows you to quickly and easily gain muscle mass and restore the general condition after training.


  • In one portion only 80 kcal;
  • 100% of the matrix protein isolate containing biotin, folic acid, and vitamins;
  • Contains probiotics and enzymes to support immune and digestive system;
  • Enriched with natural fruit and veggie blends.

best soy proteinтpowder for building muscle

Isolate from Strong Girl is designed for daily use in order to meet all the needs of the female body in nutrients. The unique structure capable of replacing one or more full meals. Isolate contains 18 g ultra filtered isolate and essential micronutrients for women, such as folic acid, calcium, biotin, and collagen.

Also in the fruit used as natural antioxidants. To support complex digestive system used LactoSpore®, comprising probiotics and digestive enzymes. Isolate is also an excellent source of 22 vitamins and minerals.


  • 16g Protein;
  • 32% of your daily protein per serving – the right amount for your active lifestyle, yet easy on your digestive system;
  • 5g Fiber;
  • 20% daily needs to help you control hunger;
  • Smooth & delicious, we only use natural flavors and sweeteners, and real cocoa;
  • Excellent source of B-vitamins to energize your metabolism and help convert protein, carbohydrates and fats into energy so that you can keep going strong.

best soy protein shakes

DESIGNER WHEY innovators since 1993, their passion for health and fitness constantly forces them to deliver smart, simple and convenient products, so that you can easily reach your target.

SUSTAINED ENERGY (DESIGNER WHEY) is designed for an active lifestyle and is specifically designed with their own Endurance Blend. Designed to give you a balanced, sustainable energy by quickly absorbing the natural whey protein, and slower-absorbing Non-GMO soy and casein proteins, thus giving you a steady supply of essential amino acids, helping you to control hunger with prebiotic fiber.


  • NOT manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients;
  • Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens;
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Product;
  • No Aspartame;
  • No Sucralose;
  • No Acesulfame-K;
  • Natural Unflavored;
  • Non-GMO;
  • Recyclable container.

best soy protein

NOW Foods — «Live a healthy and happy life. Live today». For over 45 years, he takes care of those who want to live fully, to improve your body, break records and wonder at the same time. Companies tend to lead in everything: this is one of the best selling brands of sports nutrition in the United States, and the number of its awards for outstanding achievements in their field simply unquantifiable.

Sports protein based on soy protein isolate, which is an excellent source of high-quality vegetable protein, low in fat and digestible carbohydrates. Excellent selection of additional protein source for vegetarians and religious observance of fasting. It does not contain GMOs, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. The product has the GMP certification. Great taste and solubility!



  • 25 grams complete protein to help build and repair strong muscles, 15 servings per tub;
  • 4g BCAAs and 4g glutamine in a complete premium blend plant-based protein made from pea, hemp, pumpkin, and alfalfa;
  • Gluten-free, Non-GMO Project verified and certified vegan;
  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and made without dairy or soy ingredients.

best soy protein

Clean Power — spice up your performance sooner than exercises with this herbal, high-quality energizer that’s aimed to be clean and mean so you get started- and stay sturdy — and ultimate all exercise lengthy.
Clean Protein (Vega) is amazing, but also paintings powerfully in combination as your pass to healthy pre- and put up workout fuel.


  • 4 component protein concentrate from casein, milk protein isolate, whey and albumin;
  • Casein (milk protein) supplies your muscles with up to seven hours of valuable BCAAs;
  • Milk protein isolate consists of at least 90 % protein and provides fat and carbohydrate;
  • Whey (whey protein) is a fast-absorbing protein which provides you with plenty of L-Glutamine;
  • Albumin (egg protein) contains sulfurous amino acids, which enhance the biological value of the protein;
  • 25.1 g protein per serving;
  • Only 1.6 g carbohydrates and 0.6 g fat per serving.

best soy protein

Soy 80+ The Organic Vegetarian Protein Alternative. Containing A Unique Soya Bean Protein Of Superior Quality, This Product Is A Match For Any Of Its Non-Vegetarian Protein Counterparts. For Athletes Who Wish To Gain Excellent Muscle Density And Definition.


  • Stimulating fat burning during physical exertion;
  • Anti-catabolic and anabolic properties;
  • Destruction of free radicals (antioxidant);
  • Stimulation of osteoblasts, responsible for bone formation;
  • Normalization of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems;
  • Lowering cholesterol levels.


best soy protein

Soy Pro — dehydrated soy protein isolate, non-GMO products. Scitec Nutrition Soy Pro offers as an alternative to animal protein for vegetarians and for people with lactose intolerance or milk allergies, and for those who seek an economical complete protein source. Soy protein provides important BCAA (BCAA), and glutamine and arginine. In general, soy protein isolate from animal origin high concentration, high quality, fast and easy to digest and has a large number of essential amino acids.

  • Dietary source of protein
  • Integrated action
  • Substantially free of fats and carbohydrates.


  • Great taste;
  • Losing weight and lowering cholesterol;
  • Natural flavors;
  • 25 grams of protein;
  • 24 vitamin and mineral;
  • 0 grams of trans fat;
  • It does not contain genetically modified soy;
  • Guaranteed quality and purity.

the best soy protein powder

100% SOY Protein Booster — soy protein, which is the source of all the amino acids needed by the body, ideal for use for vegetarians and those prone to food allergies.

Each serving contains 25 grams of protein. Thus, it does not contain lactose, no cholesterol, and is not genetically modified protein. This product will also be useful to those who adhere to a low-calorie diet, because it is low in fat and carbohydrates and sugar is completely absent.

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