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Best Glutamine Supplement – Top 10 Glutamine Supplements

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Glutamine — is one of the essential and conditionally essential amino acids. Glutamine is a part of the protein, from which, in fact, the human body is formed. For efficient and effective muscle growth requires glutamine. This amino acid is contained in excess in muscle cells and circulates in the blood. Thus, the muscles in the human body consist of 60% glutamine.

What is the Glutamine?

Glutamine has been actively involved in muscle protein synthesis and inhibiting the secretion of cortisol, exerts an anti-catabolic effect. Glutamine can be compared with glucose because it serves the same wonderful energy source. Another important influence of glutamine on our bodies is to strengthen the immune system and promote the acceleration of the processes of recovery after workouts.

Muscle cells comprise at least 60% of the amino acids derived from glutamine, and are, by nature, this kind of container member. Intense exercise reduces blood glutamine by 20%, and its flow rate is increased nearly 5-fold. Even in the 80s during the study, it was found the relationship between the rate of protein synthesis and glutamine levels in the blood. It was found that the higher the level of free glutamine, the faster and more efficient muscle cells grow. Because the muscle fiber absorbs incoming glutamine, it becomes denser.

Glutamine: How tо Take?

On the question of how to take glutamine, nearly all coach with experience equally responsible — receiving glutamine is best done on an empty stomach. For example, at least 30 minutes before a meal. Amino acids are essential for some time to complete digestion before with the usual food intake the body will receive the remaining amino acids and elements.

Advice From Biceps-Shop

Glutamine, without a doubt, is one of the most important and essential amino acids the human body. Glutamine is an essential, effective and essential tool in achieving the results of the athlete.

Top 10 Glutamine Supplements


best glutamine

  • One capsule formulation contains: 1 g of glutamine.

Ranking 2016 puts in the first place Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Capsules. This glutamine is the best among the 10 most popular supplements with a similar composition. It is available in capsule form, and therefore easy to use.

Its main advantage is that it is 100% of the glutamine without extraneous inclusions. Add glutamine is very simple in your diet — it can be washed down with water or mixed with protein shakes if an athlete takes them. Additive perfectly absorbed by the body and within a short period of time begins to be active, accelerating muscle recovery.


the best glutamine

  •  100% glutamine

On the second place, ranking puts DNA Glutamine (BSN ). This new high-quality sports nutrition, which has already managed to get positive reviews. Glutamine is the additive in micronized form, which allows the body to absorb it better.
The powder is completely tasteless, so it’s easy to add a sports drink or any other liquid. Thanks to super rapid absorption, the drug helps restore muscle as they have not yet begun to crumble.


best glutamine

  • Contains only pure L-glutamine

In third place is glutamine ALLMAX Nutrition Micronized — is another drug in a convenient powder form with high bioavailability. The additive contains only pure L-glutamine. In one portion of the drug is 5 g.

The undoubted advantage of this particular drug is its relatively low price and high quality.


best l glutamine powder

Composed of 3 forms of Glutamine:

  • L-alanine
  • L-glutamine
  • glutamine in the form of peptides
  • One serving of powder contains 5 grams of pure Glutamine

In fourth place in the rating got a unique set MusclePharm Glutamine, which is composed of 3 forms of Glutamine — L-alanine, L-glutamine and glutamine in the form of peptides. His undoubted advantage is the pleasant taste. It helps to build muscle mass, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and is simply irreplaceable at high loads. Moreover, the additive has excellent digestibility.

It is ideal for athletes who are seriously engaged in bodybuilding.


best glutamine supplement

  • Contains one portion 5 g amino acids

In fifth place is Universal Nutrition Glutamine, produced in the powder. The additive contains pure glutamine, which is involved in protein synthesis. The increase in its quantity provides lasting anabolic effect. The drug helps to quickly recover from a high-intensity workout.


best l glutamine

  • Promotes Recovery;
  • Ace Antioxidants;
  • Protein Synthesis;
  • Immune Support;

At the 6th place is EVL Nutrition GLU +, which will help to make rapid progress in training. The additive further contains vitamins A, C, and E, promoting a faster recovery of muscles after exercise.


best glutamine powder

  • Pure;
  • Simple;
  • Versatile;
  • In one portion: 4.5 g of glutamine;

In seventh place came the Micronized Glutamine (Dymatize), produced in powder form — it is excellent value for money. It blocks the catabolic processes, promotes faster growth and repair of muscle during intense workouts. It is also involved in the synthesis of proteins in the body, eliminates toxins and helps to cope with stress. 


best l glutamine supplement

  • Promotes L-glutamine delivery and water absorption;
  • Supports muscle maintenance;
  • Supports gastrointestinal health which is associated with nutrients absorption;
  • Supports the immune system;

On the eighth place is Betancourt Nutrition Glutamine Plus. Adding further comprises vitamin C. The product supports the immune system and eliminates stress during intense workouts. After all, at this time the body requires more glutamine than it can produce on their own. Amino acid helps to remove the body of waste products, it helps to resist stress. At the same time improves the function of the digestive system.
Glutamine Plus (Betancourt Nutrition) is easily absorbed by the body and promotes faster recovery after exercise. Flavor additives pleasant enough, that is also a plus. The drug is available in three flavors — kiwi, green apple, and strawberry.


top glutamine supplements

  • One serving contains 5 g of glutamine

On the penultimate place, top 10 NOW Foods L-Glutamine Powder. This is a great option on a limited budget. Unfortunately, the supplement contains a lot of sugar and other chemical components, and this is due to its low rating.
The additive has a bland taste, so it can be mixed with a protein shake.


top glutamine

  • One serving of powder contains 6 grams of glutamine;
  • Recuperation and blocking catabolism;
  • A more effective workout;
  • Passion of energy reserves in the muscles;
  • Improve mental concentration;
  • Creating nitrogen balance;
  • fat Burning;

The last place belongs L-Glutamine (MET-Rx), containing amino acid in a pure form. The drug protects muscles from destruction by preventing atrophy, increases growth hormone fuels the immune system and improves mood. He fills the glycogen stores in the muscles, which is depleted during intense training. By increasing muscle mass, reduced amount of fat tissue.
The product is an excellent value for money. Since bland flavor additive, it can be successfully mixed with a protein shake, or just drink water.

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