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The Best Creatine: Top 10 Creatine Supplements

best creatine supplement

The Best Creatine: Top 10 Creatine Supplements

Which creatine is best? Could you help me, what is the best creatine to buy? Give me advise about the best creatine supplement, the best type of creatine, the best creatine monohydrate, best creatine powder, best creatine pills, best creatine capsules, best creatine tablets, — we achieve such questions every day.

Ok, ok, ok we can help you!

At first: the best creatine for mass, for muscle growth is creatine monohydrate.

Creatine Powder (Optimum Nutrition)

Nothing superfluous, only the working creatine. Deserved first place. Best creatine supplements.

Company «Optimum Nutrition» quite often takes the first place in many rankings. Creatine powder by Optimum Nutrition is best creatine monohydrate supplement (and the best creatine in the world) that has proven its effectiveness by many positive reviews and awards.

best creatine monohydrate


Of course, the price of the product is slightly overpriced, but in return you get a normal amount of pure creatine monohydrate without a doubt, the various ingredients. It is believed that the powder is not as convenient as capsules. However, the mix one teaspoon of creatine in the juice is easier than to swallow 2-4 capsules.

Creatine Micronized (Dymatize Nutrition)

Creatine helps the manufacturer of rapid reduction of muscle fibers, which at times increases the physical strength of the athlete. Also sports supplement provides muscle growth. High level of creatine production is under strict control and compliance with the relevant standards and requirements.


the best creatine

The structure doesn’t include the «extra» components. Only creatine and no fat and carbohydrates, whereby portions have zero calorie. The process of assimilation of creatine takes place much easier. However, we should ‘t forget about the standard guidelines for admission, according to which you have to stir the contents of the additives in any sweet syrup. Micronized Creatine is not an exception to this rule. It is worth noting that Creatine Micronized by Dymatize Nutrition is one of the best micronized creatine and standard of quality to price ratio. For relatively little money, you get a normal amount of kreatin effective.

CellMass (BSN)

BSN has long established itself as an innovative manufacturer of sports supplements. CellMass is unusual creatine complex. The additive is marketed as a means to accelerate post-workout recovery. It consists of creatine monohydrate, anhydrous creatine, glutamine, amino acids and essential bit of calcium.


best creatine powder

It is worth noting that many athletes use the supplement both before and after a workout. The presence of amino acids facilitates the assimilation process and prepares the body for the upcoming power load. The effect of the CellMass takes place, and the feeling is not subjective. The presence of taurine and glutamine facilitates energy transfer. Kreatin also markedly improves power characteristics.

BSN uses several matrices to all of the above components which aren’t in conflict with each other and digested at 100%. The only negative moment is the high cost of the product. However, if we compare it with other creatine supplements, CellMass have hydrolyzed amino acids, glutamine, etc.

Creatine Monohydrate Powder (Universal Nutrition)

Monohydrate is only present in this creatin. The product price is quite acceptable. Quality of the Universal Nutrition creatin is amazing. The positive effect is observed in ordinary reception as such, without downloads and support phases.


what is the best creatine

Universal is designed specifically for athletes and gives 100% assimilation. Increases potential ATP after 20 minutes since you have drunk it. Excellent efficiency put up this product on the 4 position of creatine ranking «Top ten best creatine», but the high cost, the only drawback.

100% Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (Ultimate Nutrition)

This manufacturer has made an emphasis on the manufacturing procedure. In most conventional creatine supplements we get regular creatine monohydrate. Ultimate Nutrition offers us a micronized form. It means that the usual powder was considerable grinding procedure whereby the intestine almost completely assimilate such kreatin, especially in conjunction with a sweet drink or juice.

best type of creatine

Serving Size carries a standard 5 grams of monohydrate. The big plus is the democratic value of creatin supplements. It is worth noting that the complex creatine is not dissolved in water, like most similar products. As such drawbacks have been identified.

CreaCore (MuscleTech)

CreaCore creatine is the most unusual of all the complex of the rating. The main component of the composition is creatine hydrochloride. Another ingredient is an extract of fenugreek, which according to the manufacturer, improves the absorption and action of creatine.

best creatine pills

Despite the absence of the monohydrate, the supplement shows good result. Another big plus is the wonderful taste. However, the price of the creatin product is too high. CreaCore creatin by MuscleTech can’t be considered a worthy competitor to the monohydrate, especially for the money, but it greatly improves the power characteristics and power endurance.

CGT-10 (Optimum Nutrition)

This creatine supplement is a direct competitor of the CellMass (BSN). The composition included creatine monohydrate, various amino acids and some carbohydrates. This sum of the components contributes to the rapid absorption of the molecules of creatine. However, this fact does not relieve you from having to use it, along with the juice.

Serving Size (15g) consists largely of kreatin (5g) and carbohydrates (5g). The rest falls on the amino acid buffer. This supplement has a pronounced effect. The acquisition and operation of creatine really good, but the cost of supplement disappoints.

Attack (Scitec Nutrition)

This creatin complex by Scitec Nutrition is representative of the product matrix.

As part of the set of components, among them are: several types of creatine monohydrate, arginine, ALA, R-ALA and others.

best creatine capsules

Arginine is a donor of nitrogen which in turn simplifies the delivery of creatine. In addition, you become easier to work in the mode of power endurance. Scitec Nutrition did a really interesting product, but with its shortcomings. The existence of different forms of kreatin is a kind of marketing tool, through which you can greatly enhance the value of the product. From a practical point of view they are of little use, at least considerably smaller than that of the monohydrate.

If for some reason your body poorly absorbs and reacts to the monohydrate, the purchase of this supplement is an excellent solution.

Creatine (MusclePharm)

This creatin complex has received many positive reviews from both experts and athletes all around the world. Sold only in — 300g pack. Each serving (5g) offers us a dedicated and proprietary matrix based on different types of creatine. This include: creatine monohydrate, krenitrat (producer formula), Creatine AAB, malate, and two formulas of MP.

which creatine is best

Of course, the advantages of different forms of creatine on monogdiratom are without scientific evidence. Monohydrate without reason is the most popular supplement, but the fact remains — Creatin by MusclePharm really shows excellent results. The problem lies in the fact that the composition of the matrix doesn’t disclosed, so that to know what exactly we are taking creatine — is impossible. Some athlets have suggested that the formula hidden amount of anhydrous creatine monohydrate.This creatine is an excellent product, but, alas, with the incredibly high price. Not every athlete agrees to pay almost twice.

This fact put the supplement only in ninth place.

100% Creatine (Scitec Nutrition)

The product, that consists of 100% of creatine monohydrate without impurities and different flavors. It contributes to the rapid growth of power performance, as well as an increase in muscle volume. Creatine Skytech Nutrishn has its own patented formula Creapure.

best creatine monohydrate supplement

The product also provides a reduction occurring lactic acid after exercise, dynamic muscle contraction.

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