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Nutrition Secrets For Gaining Lean Muscle Fast!

Nutrition Secrets For Gaining ...

Some people tend to lose weight, they gain weight very difficult. Other people gain muscle mass very easy, but they gain extra fat together with muscle mass. This article is for second group people. The article is about the methods that will help you to build muscle without fat.

Change the Evening Diet

You need a lot of nutrients and energy for muscle growth and heavy training.

Carbohydrates is the main source of energy, without them, the body will not build muscle. Carbohydrates give strength for the hard training, but excess carbohydrates can lead to fat reserves. Protein is a building material our body. If you will eat little, the body will not have enough protein or carbohydrates, and then muscle growth will have stopped. But you can give your body these substances according to the needs.

When you eat the carbohydrates during the day, they will spend on physical activity. At night, when you sleep, the power consumption is small, so the carbohydrates that you eat at night are more likely to turn to fat. If you prone to gain fat, necessary to correct the evening meal.

You need to eat a lot of carbohydrates and proteins in the morning and in the afternoon. Dietary protein foods plus vegetable salads and fruit — in the evening. Digestion of proteins is a complex and lengthy process. The body will digest proteins and engage in recovery organism and muscle growth at night.

The main menu of your evening meal:

Dietary protein products — low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat milk and yogurt, egg whites (boiled or scrambled), chicken white meat is refined from fat (chicken breast), lean turkey, meat squid, white lean fish. Salads of fresh vegetables and greens, seasoned with vegetable oil (preferably olive). Fruits — apples, pears, oranges, grapefruits, plums, peaches.

Exclude Fatty Foods

You maximally have to exclude foods that contain a lot of animal fats. These fats immediately are deposited into your fat reserves, get rid of them is very difficult.

If you eat meat or fish, you need to clear them from fat. You initially can buy low-fat foods, such as: lean beef, chicken breast, turkey, lean fish. Exclude these foods: pork and any fatty meat, butter, sour cream and other high-fat dairy products. Remove from the diet of sausage, ham, pizza, hot dogs, pies, dumplings and other semi-finished products. Get used to eat organic foods.

Exclude «Fast» Carbohydrates

The carbohydrates are necessary for muscle growth but not all carbohydrates are useful. Fast carbohydrates are sugar and a variety of sweets. They are called «fast», because they are very quickly digested, increase blood sugar levels and easily convert into fat.

You have to exclude or greatly reduce such fast carbohydrates: sugar, soda, cookies, muffins, ice cream, candy and other sweets. If you are prone to rapid gain of fat, you cannot eat pasta and potatoes. The best carbohydrates for muscle mass growth: Buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits.

Add sports nutrition in the diet

You need an additional receiving of protein in the form of supplements. Yes, it is necessary; otherwise you’ll have to eat great amount protein foods. 

Sports nutrition will provide you everything you need, and absolutely without any consequences. It is not chemistry but only food supplement which contains an increased amount of protein.

So you have to go in store sports nutrition and without fail to buy protein. You need whey protein, the most common of which is isolate.

Many athletes prefer to dilute the protein receiving different vitamin-mineral complexes, amino acids, BCAA’s, etc. You can take protein in the morning, immediately after training and in the evening. And remember protein supplements do not replace a regular meal just only complement its.

Another important moment is the drinking regime. If you have thirsty water you always should drink, especially during and after workout. Water plays an important role in all the processes vital functions. Its shortage leads to violation the assimilation of nutrients.

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