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10 Common Beginners’ Mistakes in the Gym

10 Common Beginners’ Mis...

Did you begin to engage in the gym? Then you should read our stuff that would never make those errors! We warned you.

  •  Stability is the key to success

You have to mix the exercises if you want to make progress. You have to try new techniques and to work with a trainer. Avoid routine. Do everything to change the order of workout every 4-6 weeks, otherwise, the result may not be. The muscles will get used and will not receive a necessary load, which will contribute to their growth.

  • Heavy meal before workout

In no case. Save your food supplies and eat them after training.

  • Workout every day

You have to give your muscles rest so that they have time to recover. You have to divide your training week on the group of muscles and train each muscle group on a certain day.

  • Cardio or strength training

You have to balance the two loads: cardio and strength, regardless of your goals. If you want to lose weight then you should make the power loads. And if you want to gain mass then you need to do cardio. This is very useful for the heart.

  • Large breaks between sets

You should not rest for 2 seconds but to rest for 10 minutes between sets is also bad. The break should not be an ultra-short, but not very long. The optimal time for rest is 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Workout during illness

You should listen to your body. The workout can prolong and exacerbate the disease. In addition, you can infect other fitness enthusiasts. Conclusion: sit back and relax at home.

  • Tired mind — tired body

We all work: counseling clients by phone, parsing email messages or other work on the computer, it does not matter. If you exercise after work and often use excuses like: «I’m too tired for training today.» But the tired mind is not the tired body! The workouts in the gym help you to «wake up» and to increase your energy. The phrase, «I’m too tired» is a stupid excuse.

  • Talk with a friend

We all want to find a companion in the gym. But remember, that, first of all, you came to do sport, and not to talk with other persons. This can be turned against you!

  • Training without a program

It is not right. You can use the services of professional coaches. Listen to good advice and train right.

  • Copy the other training

Yes, of course, you need to look at those who have achieved success. But do not copy what they do. Remember that everyone has different physiology and what is good for one may be useless for others.

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